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Organizations evaluating an outsourcing decision are often driven, predictably, by one factor: cost cutting. And understandably so… For many organizations, outsourcing offers a clear financial advantage. But, many of our clients have noted an additional unintended benefit of outsourcing their accounting functions: a dramatic improvement in the quality of their financial data.
Ask yourself, are you getting useful intelligence on the financial performance of your business from your internal accounting department? Can they be expected to help you understand industry benchmarks and best practices that can make you more competitive? What is your cash flow position? Are you in compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies?
Yes, it’s true that outsourcing is often valuable tool to help cut administrative costs, but it can be much more than that. At MGO we’re not only implementing best-in-class processes and technologies that drive tangible efficiencies – we back it up with a world-class team of CPAs and advisors offer far more than savings.
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